Outdoor Education Day 2011

November 2, 2011

The Outdoor Education day at Grizzly Ranch on November 2, 2011 was a success. The weather was chilly but no snow or rain, so it was a perfect day. Dave Valle brought several students from his 10th grade science class from Portola High School and they started the day on Big Grizzly Creek. The students learned how to collect stream water quality data, including temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, flow and total dissolved solids. Dave provided background on how and why these methods are used and background information on stream ecology. It was a good learning experience for all.

Lunch was provided by the Conservancy. The students carried their lunches on the hike to Sally Peak, which is accessed via the Conservancy's Crocker Ridge Trail in the southeast corner of Grizzly Ranch. It is uphill all the way for about 2.3 miles and the views are spectacular along the way and at the top. The teacher discussed the unique geology and the different elevation zones for vegetation.

Following the Sally Peak hike, the students proceeded to Sierra Valley where they met with Paul Hardy, the Executive Director for the Feather River Land Trust. They had a tour of the Maddalena Ranch property that is now a protected sanctuary for birds in Sierra Valley. Grizzly Creek Development has been contributing funds to this wetland project since 2005 to support the restoration of the property which is now accessible by the public.

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