Grizzly Ranch

Beyond managing waterways, wetlands and wildlife habitat, the Conservancy has a wide array of projects that range from walking trails, community outreach to website redesign. The Conservancy has achieved much success with the projects that have already been completed, and ones planned will keep Grizzly Ranch and the Conservancy moving forward.

What's Completed

The Grizzly Ranch Conservancy funded several environmental projects from 2005- to the present. The Conservancy staff worked with design consultants to  plan projects under the guidance of the Conservancy Board of Directors. A conceptual plan was developed for each project which divided the work scope into phases.  Accomplishments to date are noted below.

Beckwourth Crossing Nature Center

A conceptual plan for a nature center was completed in 2007 that included trails, botanical gardens, a replica of Jim Beckwourth’s cabin, a fire pit and picnic area.  Some of the planned amenities have been completed and others are still pending.  Completed projects include trails within Beckwourth Crossing that connect Conservancy land with commercial buildings and homesites and to adjacent federal land. A rustic gas fire pit and seating area was installed in 2014 and redwood Adirondack chairs provide additional seating for larger gatherings.  The parking area was constructed and a cedar kiosk sign was installed to display conceptual plans and to store trail maps for use by residents.  Projects that are planned but not completed include the picnic area, a rustic children’s play area,  and the nature center log cabin which will serve as the center of Conservancy activities and to sell promotional items.

Big Grizzly Creek Recreation Area

A conceptual plan was completed in 2008 and includes a network of walking trails and bridges along the creek from the south end of the property to the north. The trails provide access to the creek for fishing and wading and for family gatherings to enjoy the peaceful setting.  Large granitic boulders were positioned along the fishing area to serve as fishing platforms and seating along the creek. Picnic tables, settees and benches were placed along the trail for the enjoyment of the residents.  Planned amenities include rope swings, climbing rocks, a labyrinth of river rock, and yoga platform near the creek.

Hiking Trails

Over 5 miles of new trails were constructed in 2007-2008. Several additional miles of trails are planned in the future based on the Master Trail Plan. A trail map was prepared in 2008 and revised in 2014 which shows the completed trails within Grizzly Ranch, and how they connect to adjacent trails on federal lands. Contact Donna Lindquist for copies of the trail map or click here for the map.

Web Site Operation

A web site was developed by Big Fish Creations and it is now operational. The Conservancy will continue to add new content and periodically update the site as improvements are made. Check it out!

Community Outreach Program

The Conservancy initiated an outdoor education program that provides learning opportunities for local school children on natural resources in and near Grizzly Ranch. The program sponsors outdoor events each year where students learn about the fauna, flora, stream habitat and water quality in Big Grizzly Creek.  The Conservancy plans to continue to work with local schools to expand this successful program in the future. Learn more about our Community Outreach.

Grizzly Ranch Landscapes

A botanical field guide was prepared which features wildflowers, trees, shrubs and grasses found in the vicinity of Grizzly Ranch. The field guide can be used to identify native plants  and to identify plant species for use in landscaping on private lots.  Color photographs of most plants are included along with a description of their preferred planting locations, hardiness and water requirements. Contact Donna Lindquist for a copy of the guide.

Planned Projects

The Conservancy has a list of planned projects. Please see this section for further details.